Independent Social Work & Talking Therapies

If you have found us, we would like to start with a ‘Sorry’ as your search here suggests that life may be challenging at the moment and you are seeking some help for you or a loved one – whether they are an adult or child. We’re sure we can find some way to help, if you give us a moment to tell you a little more about ourselves.  And we hope that you’ll begin to find some solutions here too before you leave us.

So how can we help? Our highly experienced team draws on a wealth of knowledge and professional backgrounds that when combined offer some 100+ years of knowledge from social work, law, medicine, counselling, coaching, education and advocacy. The team comes together to offer you the very best advice, guidance and practical support when you find yourself faced with the unexpected and in need of a little extra support.

We use our combined knowledge to offer you options and solutions that help move you through the difficulties and help you to restore calm. 

Above you will find a number of signposts to our specific services so please do take a look to see how we can help you.

We also love to speak to people so please feel free to call us with any questions you may have. All enquiries are without obligation.

You are a private practice – what does this mean?

Private practice means that our services are paid for by those who use our services. We are not paid any money by statutory authorities such as social services or the NHS which means our services are completely independent of state funding.

We pride ourselves on being able to offer those that ask for help honest, impartial and independent advice and assistance.

I see you have offices in Stowmarket, Suffolk - do you offer support further afield?

We offer a variety of services which means that we have different areas that we work in depending on the support needed. For those seeking out our Talking Therapies this tends to be for those more local to our offices. This is because of how most people prefer to engage with their therapist.

For those seeking assistance from our Social Work team we cover a much wider area covering East Anglia and beyond; our Special Educational Needs service is known England-wide.

We pride ourselves on being able to offer those that ask for help honest, impartial and independent advice and assistance.

I find it difficult to travel, can you come to me?

Yes, much of our social work support means that we travel to you as we need to see you at home. But we also keep in touch by phone, email and video calls.

We do encourage our talking therapy clients however to initially meet us at our offices, where you can be quiet and away from the distractions of home to talk freely. We also offer video support if you and your counsellor agree that this is appropriate.

We can also provide support in your place of work and we have found many supportive employers willing to set aside a quiet room to support their staffing team to access our services when needed.

I need support now – do you have a waiting list?

In short no, we know by the time you are looking for support you need help as quickly as possible. We will need to work with you and gather a little more detail so we can find out who on the team is best suited to help you.

Then we will work with you to find the first available date that we can offer, so have your diary to hand so we can make an appointment with you. This can in some circumstances, be the same week you contact us!

Our aim is to help you to get on to feeling better as quickly as possible.

Can I refer myself or do I need someone else like a GP to refer me?

Yes you can. You do not need a referral from anyone else.

You may also be recommended to us either through word-of-mouth from other clients – both past and present – but also from other professionals such as solicitors, medical professionals, social care professionals etc. We work with a whole host of supportive professionals who have got to know our services over the last 20 years we have been in practice.

How much do your services cost?

Our fees do vary pending on the service that you request. Our social work services in particular have various levels of support from day-to-day help through to expert services for Courts and Tribunals, so if you’re in need of social work support it is best to give us a call on 01449 612262.

Our Talking Therapies fees can be found under the Talking Therapies tab (see above). These services may also be accessed through some Employee Assistance Programs that work with The Red Poppy Company. As Human Givens Therapists we are also now recognised as ‘approved’ providers for healthcare insurers. You may be able to seek funding assistance for our service if you subscribe to the following healthcare insurers:

  • Aviva
  • Aetna Global Benefits
  • AXA PPP Healthcare
  • Healix Health Services and
  • Vitality Health through the same website.

If you are a Veteran you may also be entitled to free talking therapy** as we also work in partnership with specialist charity PTSD Resolution, that is dedicated to supporting Armed Forces veterans experiencing symptoms of PTSD.

**therapy sessions funded by national fundraising.

All new talking therapy clients are offered a FREE 20-minute video consultation, before your first session.