Independent Social Work Expert (SEN) Reports

Let’s face it, things can go wrong and sadly matters can escalate through formal complaints procedures, on to tribunals and even court. Our expert reports are an essential part of this process giving an unbiased assessment helping your legal team consider how best to argue your social care case. Our team will guide you through the maze between children and adults’ services and help you when you need to address your child’s Education, Health and Care Plan (EHCP).

Education is just about the classroom, isn’t it?

As it suggests this plan includes your child’s care needs, but not just about care as you would think. When considering care, social workers should think about day to day activities and how your child is assisted with these activities.

Such care support needs to include training and development to assist your child towards an independent future going beyond the classroom and into everyday life.

What we can do for you as your independent social workers?

Day to day we are here to support and assist you, with professional, independent advice and guidance. Our services are crucial in helping you understand what is within the spectrum of a social worker’s assessment, this includes offering comment on statutory reports too.

We provide you with an experienced yet independent view of your child’s needs. Our assessments are guided by what is needed, not what a statutory budget may permit. Our reports assist you when working with your Local Authority social workers and we can also advocate for you on your behalf if you prefer to help negotiate the right support for your child.

Going to Court?

When taking the difficult decision to challenge an EHCP through a tribunal or the courts, we have a national reputation with many eminent legal professionals in this specialist field when providing assessments and reports for such situations.

Family Support inc Young Carer Mentoring

We help you as a family get back on track saving you anxiety and distress whilst adjusting to change. We provide support to encourage you as a family to rediscover your natural coping mechanisms after a traumatic or life changing event.
Supporting you too is proven to help your loved one’s rehabilitation!

Do you want to get in touch?

If you would like to speak with one of the team, please do send us a message here.