Talking Therapies

Our lives are full of challenges and surprises but sometimes our reactions to these life events, from the seemingly mundane to the extremes of loss and bereavement can make us unwell. Whatever the cause, when we lose the ability to cope with these events, we often find it difficult to deal with the distress that this causes:

Here at Life Resolutions, we help you quickly identify where you can better meet your emotional needs, find balance in your life again and start leading a meaningful life where you can be resilient to the challenges that come your way again.

We can help if you are:




Anxious or suffering panic attacks


Traumatised and or suffering PTSD


Lacking in motivation or direction


Struggling with mood control or anger


Experiencing addiction or obsessive behaviour


Please check if you have healthcare insurance as you may be entitled to assistance for counselling with us. Please see our FAQ’s for further details.

Our fees are:

  • Initial Video Session – 20mins FREE
  • First Consultation – up to 1 hour   – £65
  • Ongoing Sessions – up to 50mins – £55

FREE TREATMENT available to Armed forces Veterans.

We also work with the Charity PTSD Resolution to offer free trauma treatment to armed forces veterans and their families. Call us now on 01449 612262 and we can guide you to find the right help for you.

Do you want to start feeling better now?

You have already taken the first step to becoming well by reading this, contact us to find out how we can help you further your journey to good health.