“Christine has worked hard and has got his social care support on track. She has managed to triple his Direct Payment help from the social services”.

Parent of Long-Term Client (Case Management)

“Super impressed by your work on this tribunal and your report. You can imagine, I read so many that it really really sticks out when I get such good ones! ……I would so love to recommend you”.

Educational Psychologist

“I can say from personal experience I completely recommend Life Resolutions. I received therapy sessions to alleviate some crippling anxiety I was experiencing when in a vehicle or driving a vehicle. Having anxiety is difficult enough but when it impacts your life in such a way that you lose your independence and confidence I realised I had to take control back. Having therapy sessions has resulted in me back in the car not petrified and feeling in control again. When I first decided to go to therapy I was worried that I would feel ashamed or embarrassed but Darren made me realise straight away that I was normal whatever normal is.

Thankyou so much Darren and Christine for your support.”

Talking Therapies Client

“Christine Whiting is an excellent social worker and case manager …I am so happy, she is so helpful and always has my son’s wellbeing and mine as his mother at heart. She is always giving me sound advice”

Parent of Long-Term Client (Case Management)

“We just wanted to write to say thank you for your report…. and for your endorsement of us, as parents. It meant a lot when we were being attacked by the LA’s witnesses, to know that you’d spent a lot more time with us and believed we were doing our best. We have now been awarded a significant amount of social care support which we wouldn’t have without you”

SEN Family – First Tier Tribunal

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