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Woman 35.

I had a phobia from childhood about all birds and it was affecting my work. I got so worried that I would pass my phobia on to my daughter I came to Life Resolutions for help. After 2 sessions I no longer even noticed birds any more; I even went to a bird sanctuary and had a photo taken with my daughter and an eagle owl less than 18 inches away. Birds no longer ruin my life and my daughter isn’t growing up afraid of birds.


Man 39.

I was getting so angry with my family that I was worried I might lose any relationship I had with my wife and children. I came to Life Resolutions and within the first session I was calmer, understood what was happening to me and felt more in control. By the end of my third session I was well on the way to regaining my relationships with my family, calmer at home and work and enjoying more quality time with my children                   

Specialist Social Work Assessments
Mr and Mrs P wanted to adopt a child. However Mr P had a brain injury from an earlier accident.

Due to concerns that his brain injury would interfere with his abilities to be an effective parent he was advised by his local authority adoption team to commission our services for a specialist report. Not only did our report help to establish that Mr P’s brain injury was not a bar to adoption, or good parenting, it highlighted areas were Mr P needed extra support, allowing social care services to take all factors into account for safety prior to adoption. Mr and Mrs P are now proud parents.