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Independent Social Work, Emotional Support and Solutions For You

We are passionate about working to support people of all ages to improve the quality of their life and enable them to live fulfilled lives as independently as possible. Whatever the difficulty, from confusion over care needs, using personal budgets, seeking private care, through to needing expert care reports for complaints, we can help.

Are you a mother looking for the best for your disabled child, a son looking for the best care for a frail parent, perhaps you yourself have been disabled by an accident or illness and new to needing support, or just feel that you can’t cope anymore?
Social Work Services Family Support and counselling

Family Support and Counselling

When your family is in crisis through emotional or physical trauma we are there to support you and guide you back to a place where you can cope as a family again.

Expert Reports and Services

When you have been refused services, had them withdrawn or feel you have been unjustly treated, We have the expertise to advocate on your behalf.

Independent Social work Expert Services