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Independent Social Work, Emotional Support and Solutions For You

At Life Resolutions we aim to help you get a life that works. Our range of services are tailor made to help get your life moving on in the right direction.
Our four main areas of expertise are Independent Social Work, Talking Therapies, Training/Education and Expert Reports/Services.
Our services are designed to be interconnected, giving you a seamless service. Click on the links below for more detailed advice on how we can assist you.

Fed up with being told you or your family aren’t in desperate enough need for statutory help? We work with you no matter what your level of need to help get you the life that you want.

We provide a wide range of training and educations to help you, your staff or your clients get the best from themselves

Whatever your problem, from mild anxiety or lack of direction, all the way down to depression and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, we can help you feel better now!

We look at what you or your clients “need” and give you powerful tools to advocate on their behalf.

Independent Social work Expert Services Talking Therapies Training and education