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Independent Social Work, Emotional Support and Solutions For You

Independent Social Work

We are here to bring you calm from the chaos of Social Services. If you need help for any reason we can provide it.

We are completely independent. We won’t tell you that you’re not eligible for our help. We are always on your side helping you get exactly what you need.

We are your experts helping you deal with courts, other agencies and even Social Services.We know how to get the most from your personalised budgets and can even deal with all the red tape and forms so you don’t have to.We know about the benefits available and aim to get them for you.

But what’s wrong with Statutory Social Services?
Statutory Social Services have never been more squeezed, under more pressure with less money to go around! In reality your needs probably just aren’t a priority any more. You may not even be eligible for help and will probably have to pay for any help you do get

What can Life Resolutions do for you?
Independent Social Work
Life Resolutions provides Independent Social Work to public and professionals alike.We specialise in working with adults who have long term health conditions and those with brain injuries. We can provide Independent assessments of practical and therapeutic need, and detailed risk assessments.

Independent Social Work Assessments and Reports
We look at what you or your clients “needs” and give you a powerful tool to advocate on their behalf. Our specialist reports are an essential part of the process in helping you to understand the best ways for you to help your client.We can provide expert assessments to be utilised by individuals, families, courts and other agencies; to help parties work together to make appropriate decisions about an individual’s or family’s future.

Care Sourcing and Management
This can be overwhelming but we can do the research and legwork to find the right services for you or your client client. We rule nothing out when it comes to getting the right help in!  Once support is in place we can monitor the ongoing service and ensure it continues to work.  
We give you or your client confidence and moral support when they need it most. Working with you and your client we help everyone be clear about the information needed to get across.

Our Independent Social Work service is strengthened by the skills base of our extended team, and can be tailored to your needs. As personalised budgets are rolled out across the country, we are already in place as an established life management team, and are available to provide you with professional guidance and support when dealing with access to care and support services.

We can help you untangle the new self-assessment and planning tools that are being introduced, and can assist you in managing your personal budget. We are here to help you make the most of your life, and of your money! We can help you effectively interpret the adult care system being offered by the government, and access the right services and funds to suit your needs - helping you exercise your new-found choice and independence.