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Human Givens Therapy

What is Human Givens Therapy?
Human Givens Therapy brings together the multitude of theories about humanity into an organising idea about what it is to be human and what we need to do to be healthy both emotionally and physically.
It works on a proven principle that we all have basic needs that have to be met in a balanced way to be healthy. Just as we need physical nutrients to build healthy cells in our body, we also need emotional nutrients to build emotional health.
How Does HG Therapy Work?
A HG Therapist simply looks at what needs are not being met or met in unhealthy ways and helps you to use your own innate abilities to meet them. If your resources are being mis/underused a HG Therapist will help you re-learn how to use your own abilities to meet your needs in healthy ways.
What’s Different About Human Givens Than Other Approaches?
Human Givens does not hold rigidly to one mode of treatment or another, rather it recognises and acknowledges the individual proven to be effective techniques from all     
effective therapy models. This eases distress and promotes your own inbuilt  ability to meet your needs independently. Human Givens Therapy only uses techniques and methods that have been proven effective and do not cause increased emotional arousal or distress. Human Givens Therapy draws on a multitude of techniques and methods to help you, including Guided Imagery, Visualisation, Story Telling, Metaphor, Motivational Interviewing,  Reflective Re-Framing.

The simple guiding principle is that if your emotional and physical needs are met in balanced healthy ways, then you are emotionally and physically healthy.

What Can Human Givens Therapy Help With?
HG Therapy can help to quickly resolve all forms of emotional distress, from Depression, Anxiety and Trauma, to Obsessive Behaviour and Addiction, Phobias, Exam Stress and Relationship Problems

For more about what our needs and resources are download our HG fact sheet, check out our free resources page or visit the Human Givens Website for a wealth of information about this exciting, effective approach to living live emotionally healthily. You could of course simply call 01449 612262 and have a free 15 minute consultation over the phone to answer any further questions or make an appointment.