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Free Resources
This video helps to explain why depressed people wake exhausted. How tired are you?
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Depression Fact Sheet   
This fact sheet goes into a little detail about what it is, what it isn’t and some common myths
Good Therapist Checklist  
This is your guide to a good counsellor. A good therapist should be able to tick all of the boxes.
This video discusses what we as human beings need to be healthy. Are your needs being met?
This video looks at the resources we all possess to help meet our needs. Are you using yours?
Emotional Needs Audit
See which areas of your life are going well
Talking Therapies Leaflet.
This leaflet briefly explains some of the methods we use to help you sort out your problems.
Independent Social Work Leaflet
This leaflet briefly explains some of the ways we can help you.
7/11 Breathing Technique
This fact sheet helps to explain and teach an essential skill to help you gain control, perspective and a sense of calm during emotional times