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Our Service To You
Our family Support and Counselling service bridges the gap between the courts, the family, the solicitors and the injured individual. With our extensive experience in both the legal and social care fields we seek the middle ground from the courts, client and their family so that everyone affected can get on with their lives. Families are helped to re-learn their coping strategies and taught some new ones. We also provide advocacy support whilst families adjust to working with the new professionals in their lives. The service can be purchased by case managers, solicitors other professionals or the family direct. We provide one-off assessments and interventions and can also offer regular therapeutic sessions.

So who needs Family Support?
Quite simply, anyone whose family member has suffered a serious trauma or disability would benefit from our family support and counselling service.When someone suffers a trauma either through serious injury or illness, the families of the injured may suffer many effects. They might struggle to come to terms with the injury and suffer unexplained grief for the loss of a loved one even when they survive. You may become frustrated when the legal process           
seems to disregard their needs or become be confused by legal terms and definitions during a compensation case. Struggle to accept/come to terms with the “new” person in their lives. Partners can struggle to accept the injured person as they are now.

Why use Life Resolutions?
We will help to rebuild your family, helping you get your lives “back to normal”. Or.… Help you accept the new life that has been given to you. We can support all the family members affected by the trauma, it’s often difficult for the family to come to terms with what the courts and other professionals think is best for their family member. Our Family Support Service has been designed to compliment the injured party’s professional team and support their overall rehabilitation. By helping to resolve conflicts of interest and reducing the stress and anxiety within the family, we help everyone move forward
Family Support and