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Expert and Specialist Services

Independent Social Work Assessments and Reports
We look at what you or your clients “need” and give you a powerful tool to advocate on their behalf. Our specialist reports are an essential part of the process in helping you to understand the best ways for you to help your client.
Why Use Life Resolutions?
It has long been recognised that the best experts come from professionals still in practice. Our expertise comes from real world experience, and whilst we keep up to date with the latest research our practice is always tempered by the realities of “doing our job”. You can be reassured that when we offer our opinion, it is based on both best research evidence and real life.
We offer expert social work reports in a variety of circumstance and includes:

Special Educational Needs (SEN)

Acquired and Traumatic Brain Injury Social Work (ABI/TBI)

General Social Care Assessments

Social Care Assessments for those with a disability
We also offer one off specialist reports and services. for example, we were asked to offer expert opinion in  a case where one or more parents with an ABI had been trying to adopt a child. We were commissioned to form an opinion whether the brain injury was a
barrier to adoption and also to offer advice to the adoption agency and local authority on how to assist in the successful placement of a child with brain injured parents.

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